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The Story of

the Scarrow Shop

I have created this shop so that readers can collect my books and have them personalised for themselves and as Christmas or birthday gifts for family and friends. Since it is not always possible to join me at an event to buy copies and get them signed (particularly now that we have the pandemic to deal with!) I wanted to provide readers around the world with the chance to get personalised copies.

In time I hope to add other products related to the novels to the shop. I will be starting with personalised bookmarks and will look into any further additions that you may suggest. Along with the planned 'Macro and Cato's Companion Guide to Ancient Rome'.

So, click the 'Shop' above, or pick a specific type of novel from the drop down menu, or - for that very special first edition - click on 'Hardback first editions' .  If you are ordering from outside the UK and your country doesn't come up, please just contact us to let us know and we will add it to the list.


Go ahead, have a browse and enjoy the novels!


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