Gladiator: Fight for Freedom (1st in series) - paperback

Gladiator: Fight for Freedom (1st in series) - paperback

AMAZON REVIEW: I read this book, and its sequel,both of which I enjoyed immensely. The story follows Marcus, the son of a murdered retired Centurian, whose mother is sold into slavery and he to a ludus to be trained as a gladiator and his efforts for revenge against his father's killers. It has all the expected Scarrow ingredients, fast paced, exciting story line and provides the reader with a real sense of the times.Maybe it is just me, but where I disagree with other reviews is this is somehow a children's book for 10 year olds. I am a lot older, and at no time did I feel the story was childlike or "another in the YA genre", whatever that nonsensical need to categorise means. This is a well written novel for young and old, as is its sequel "streetfighter" which brilliantly continues the story of young Marcus. Yes,its main character is a young boy,but to my mind, that just sets up a new and interesting storyline rather than making it a children's book. Far from it, it is written by Scarrow after all. I would recommend both books to all ages and would hazard a guess that all adults purchasing this book will, upon completion, readily purchase Galdiator: Street Fighter.



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