Pirata - paperback

Pirata - paperback

It is AD 25. Pirate ships strike terror in the hearts of those who brave the seas of the Roman Empire.

When Telemachus joins the crew of the merchant ship Selene, he's glad to escape the rough streets of Piraeus. He knows little of the dangers of life at sea. Even past hardship has not prepared him for the terror on board when a pirate ship appears.


The fight is bloody, but the result is never in doubt. Then the victorious pirate chief, Bulla, offers the beaten men a cruel choice: join us, or die. After surviving a brutal initiation rite, Telemachus impresses his new captain with his resourcefulness and strength, and swiftly rises through the pirate ranks. But dangerous rivals talk of mutiny and murder. While Prefect Canis, notorious commander of the imperial fleet, is relentless in his pursuit of the pirate brotherhood.


Could Telemachus be the man to lead the pirates and challenge Rome?


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'Highly recommended' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

'Very good suspense' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

'Couldn't put it down from start to finish, more like this please' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

'Very atmospheric... gripping story lines' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars